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This itch of mine

Love of writing is a weird thing. I adore writing, but I sometimes I get the feeling writing doesn’t love me nearly as much. I could be sitting at my favourite spot in my favourite café, brilliant day, cappuccino in hand, laptop in front of me, fingers drumming the keyboard. And still, if the gods of writing decide … Continue reading

On Riddles

One of the things that frustrate me to no end is the continual existence of dumb, ambiguous riddles. The ones that appear deceptively easy, prompting you to throw out handfuls of plausible solutions, all of which are rejected one by one, until finally out of a mixture of exasperation and impatience you give in. The … Continue reading

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Review

Apparently the folks are Brain’s Base animation still haven’t gotten the memo that money is good and they should probably enjoy making it, so they can spend it on yachts and leather comfort armchairs and all that jazz. This is the only conceivable reason why they still haven’t decided to animate Spice and Wolf season … Continue reading

‘Drafts’ – Thoughts about Haganai

This article is spoiler free. This article is an overarching train of thought on the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series (henceforth known as Haganai), including the novels. Readers looking for something seasonal and/or anime specific should look elsewhere. But come back and read this later too, because it’s interesting, I swear! Any good writer … Continue reading

Directionless Rhetoric – on Labels

It’s been a while since my last article, and truthfully speaking I’ve done a lot of re-evaluating of my opinions and methods of judgement. I’ve witnessed many things, talked to many people and listened to a large variety of opinions across all scopes of the sanity spectrum. There are many things I used to believe which I no longer do, … Continue reading

A Short Life Lesson

I was ruffling through the non-fiction section of my old local library the other day looking for guides on spirituality, time management and clown juggling when I stumbled across an old book I had flicked through years ago. The pseudo leather-bound cover and frayed corners instantly evoked pangs of nostalgia mixed with amusement. Simply entitled … Continue reading

Anime 101: Thinking about Moe (Part 1/2)

In the beginning, there were symbols. At first they were purposeless. One day, we injected meaning into them, and thus they became letters. As time passed, man discovered how to create words with these letters. Soon, words became sentences, sentences became paragraphs, paragraphs became chapters, and the first story was born.  The stories were simple. … Continue reading

Pokemon and Competitive Gaming

One of my fondest video gaming memories is beating the elite 4 in Pokemon Blue, to then discover with 2 Pokemon left that I had another opponent to go, and yet still somehow still pulling through. I honestly thought I was so badass when I whipped out my final unused Pokemon (because back in those … Continue reading

Anime 101: Newcomer’s Guide to watching Airing Anime

Welcome to Blickwinkel’s Anime 101, where the lecturers inexplicably disappear for 6 months at a time only to return and act as though nothing interesting happened. With another year’s worth of anime under our belt and another fresh season just beyond the horizon, I thought the time was ripe to tackle something many of us … Continue reading

Review – Nichijou

To all those expecting more Anime 101 articles, I’m INCREDIBLY sorry. Between traveling and preparing for college, there just hasn’t been enough time to write and upload as much as I want. I promise I will get right back to it as soon as I’m settled in to my college flat. Until then, here’s a … Continue reading

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