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The Best Anime of 2014

This post contains no major spoilers! Once again, another year is now behind us. The momentum that Fall 2013 left us with as we moved forward into 2014 was absolutely insane, with heavy hitters such Kill la Kill and Log Horizon being carried over. When a sequel to the timeless masterpiece Mushishi got announced, this … Continue reading

The Best Anime of 2013

The Best Anime of 2014 is now up! This post contains no major spoilers! As Fall 2012 ended with a lukewarm conclusion, my hopes for the upcoming year as well as the industry in general were at unprecedented heights as anime such as Psycho-Pass and Zetsunen no Tempest were carried over into Winter 2013. With … Continue reading

GJ-Bu: A brilliant anime about absolutely nothing

The post contains spoilers about the anime GJ-Bu. Wait…what is there to spoil? Ever since Lucky☆Star averaged 29,149 volumes sold (completely denominating the charts for that season), every studio have attempted to replicate Kyoto Animation’s success in this type of anime that simply focuses on being about absolutely nothing. It’s interesting that I am not … Continue reading

One day, I will dream the music again.

As I removed the Sennheiser HD800 from my head, I took one last look at the headphone. It will soon be meeting its new owner silversurfer616 in New Zealand, alongside his Audio-GD Phoenix – an amp far more fitting of driving the HD800 than my Schitt Asgard. The music vanished into the German-handcrafted earspeakers I … Continue reading

Overcoming the Limitations of a Western Anime Fan

One day, a socially-introverted thirteen year old who got tired of the fact that no one else around him was playing Yu-Gi-Oh! decided to find a new hobby in hopes of diverting his attention away from the depressing reality that he had no friends. After all, you need two people to play a card game, … Continue reading

The Best Anime of 2012

The Best Anime of 2013 is now up! This post is spoiler-free. After nagging ImperialX for months and months, he has finally allowed me to write on his blog! Just kidding. It was the other way around, actually. Because Ryhzuo has been busy with studies and has had no time to watch much anime this … Continue reading

Answers of the Golden Witch

Umineko no Naku Koro ni is a special visual novel to me. Upon my third playthrough of the game, it has come to my realization that this is the most time I’ve ever spent on a single series, be it anime, manga or VNs. Through his writing, Ryukishi07 has changed many viewpoints I have on life … Continue reading

Anime 101: Fansubbing

Alright, gather around everyone, because this oldfag who has been on /a/ since its inception is about to tell you a story. It’s no different from a typical bedtime story your mum tells you when you were five to get you to sleep quicker. This story involves heroes and villains, idealists and criminals, trust and … Continue reading

The Best Anime of 2011

The Best Anime of 2012 is now up! This post is spoiler-free. One of the primary problems faced by the Anime industry today is being endlessly trapped in this vicious “moe” cycle. Faced with the failing economy, emphasis on extracting money from the Type B target audience have become larger and larger with the stingy … Continue reading


I am literally floored right now. I can still hardly believe this day has finally come. Since joining the Apple family in 2007, I have watched you bring out innovative products and ideas – one after another; something unheard of in any product field. I won’t mince my words. I admire you. I admire your … Continue reading

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